Wow! I just got a package in the mail as my first assignment for BzzAgent and I am looking forward to running in the bathroom and giving it a try! I also received 5 coupons of $1 or more off another wipes, multi-purpose cleaner, and the bathroom cleaner all power and free with hydrogen peroxide. 

I am going to hop on over to the website for more ingredient information I since the label reads, 0.88% hydrogen peroxide, 99.12% other and lists as the site to go for more ingredient information. Image


Lysol Power & Free cleaner and wipes New items coming out from Lysol and I get to try them now!

Yay, I have a dedicated scrapbook, sewing, hobby room, office!!!  It looks pretty good, is organized, and has lots of storage now. I am in the room, still putting items away and getting everything the way I want it.  Perhaps I will post some pictures soon.

Long time and no writing.  Kids keep me very busy.  I am glad to have all the family home for the summer.  It is good to have an open schedule.  That is what makes summer so relaxing, going and doing when we feel like it and just hanging out when we don’t.

My family and I have moved into a new home and it suits our needs perfectly.  The transition has been far smoother than I would have ever imagined. 

CHA 2009 is happening this week and I have been seeing new scrapbook product posted on various websites.  One of many nice things about this new home is a devoted scrapbook space.  It will be some time before it is set up nicely,but just having a room for my passion, with doors, is an achievement I hoped for and thought might never come.

While shopping with my three young girls yesterday, I spotted some lovely colors in the cosmetics isle.  I have, up to now, been a very tradional nail color polish person, but when my daughters embraced 4th of July this year with such enthusiasm to wear a holiday themed outfit, shoes, and anything else they deemed patriotic color related, I jumped right in and offered to paint their nails red, white, and blue.  Well, the hunt for a good solid blue was not as easy as I thought it would be and we ended up with a color more of the turquoise shade. 

On our wandering down the cosmetic isle a nice solid medium to dark blue caught my eye.  I picked it up to buy for our next 4th of July nail painting.  The girls were so taken with the yellow, purple, and other various colors I decided to buy all our favorite colors in nail polish.    So, for the first time ever, I am wearinga lovely, shimmering green nail polish. 


My 6 year old has on the shimmering purple, the 4 year old, a shimmering yellow, and the blue sits yet unused on the shelf.  The girls have plans to convince their dad to wear the blue since that is his favorite color.  We’ll see how successful they are.